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Quality and savings, the perfect tandem

8th February, 2017.- In accordance with the Life Celsius project, the pilot plant installed at the Water Waste Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Archena (Murcia) has the objective of demonstrating the viability of a system of treatment of these waters with lower energy consumption and less C02 emissions, suitable for warm …

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Can some bacteria that inhabit faecal waters combat climate change?

6th December, 2016.- The discovery in the early 90s, in sewage sludge, of a set of bacteria capable of eliminating ammonia without oxygen, opened the door to the development of new purification techniques with significant energy savings and lower CO2 emissions. The power of the anammox Actually, anammox bacteria had …

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The pilot plant developed by Life Celsius is already operational

16th June 2016.- The pilot plant, developed at the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Archena (Murcia), in the framework of the European project Life Celsius, has finished its design and construction phase and is already operational. This has been confirmed by sources of Acciona Agua, which is leading this …

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