Life Celsius, standard bearer of sustainable water recycling at #SIGA2017 (Innovative Solutions for Water Management Fair)

3rd March, 2017. The European project Life Celsius has been present today at the Innovative Solutions for Water Management Fair (SIGA 2017), directed by its Manager, María del Mar Micó, a chemical engineer from Acciona Agua, who has offered the attendees full details on the project development, as well as …

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Life Celsius, one of the projects participating in the Water Works Meeting in Manchester

7th September, 2016.- The European Project Life Celsius took part in the Water Works Meeting, held last 24th and 25th May in Manchester (United Kingdom). It was a working meeting, organized by the UE Life program, which called on the different projects related with the water cycle. The meeting focused …

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The high temperatures “allied” in biological processes of water purification

29th July, 2016.- The episodes of high temperatures, of up to 40 degrees, that are being recorded this summer in much of Spain are the “perfect ally” for the processes associated with the development of bacteria that intervene in the purification of waste water in hot climates. The above statements to …

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European project LIFE Celsius launches information channel on the Internet


29th January, 2016.- The European project Life Celsius, led by Acciona Agua and aimed at reducing up to 60% of the energy consumption in the purification of wastewater in hot climate regions, starting today, has its own information channel through the web This cyber page contains all the information …

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The water situation in Spain

January 11, 2016.- The need to draw up a water policy in Spain, goes back to the 19th century. Since then, the importance of managing an indispensable and scarce good has been a constant in all governments. Hydrological Plans Last Spanish national hydrological plan (NHP) came into force on July …

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ACCIONA launches a Life project to reduce energy consumption in water purification

January 11, 2016.- The initiative has been selected by the European Union to be part of the Life program, “to be the spearhead of Environmental policy “spearhead of the environmental policy” of Brussels, which is intended to support and develop all RD&I plans with the greatest potential in the Environmental …

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