Actions and means involved

– Design and implementation of the pilot plant at the Archena WWTP. The design and the
implementation of the pilot plant will be developed by ACCIONA Agua’s employees. The efforts will be
focused on the control system and optimization of the partial nitrification / Anammox treatment.
Duration: 6 months.

– Process startup: This action will be especially critical for the partial nitrification and
Anammox process. Modifications of the SCADA could be required by an outsourced entity.
Duration: 6 months.

– Process optimization: Optimization is subdivided into 3 tasks, related to the optimization of
AnMBR, partial nitrification and Anammox processes. These tasks will be carried out by ACCIONA Agua
employees. Minor modifications of the controllers and the SCADA system might be necessary.
Duration: 12 months.

– Pilot Plant Demonstration: The novel technologies proposed in this project will be demonstrated in the pilot plant. In this action, an analytical campaign is needed to demonstrate
the effluent quality. Additionally, the energy consumption and biogas production will be
monitored. At the end, a full evaluation of the system will be carried out. This action will be carried out
by ACCIONA Agua employees. Duration: 12 months.

– Monitoring of the impact of the project action: Monitoring is divided into two actions, the
first one to monitor the environmental benefits of the project and the second one, regarding the
socioeconomic impact of the project.
Duration: 24 months

– Communication and Dissemination Actions: Project results will be presented in different
forums and conferences. In addition, ACCIONA Agua will organize thematic workshops where
different public water agencies and utilities will be invited. Moreover, detailed information on the
project will be publicly available in the project web page. To broaden the audience of these
materials, the project will be advertised in ACCIONA Agua’s web page and will also be announced by
EFE/EFEverde in order to spread the project into the general public. These actions will be carried out by
ACCIONA Agua’s and EFE agency employees. Duration: 36 months

– Project Management and Monitoring of the project progress: The objective is to make
possible the adequate co-ordinating organisation of the project, necessary to assure and/or
establish communication flow and reporting to the EC, project follow-up, decision making procedures
and networking and interaction with third parties. Duration: 36 months.